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Fusion Formulations Adds VP of Sales

PHOENIX, AZ - Greg St. Clair has joined Fusion Formulations as Vice President of Sales, announced Brad Grossman, CEO of the company.

In his position, St. Clair will direct all sales activities, including lead generation, advertising, trade shows, account development/management, customer relations and pricing domestic and international. His responsibilities include P&L accountability, strategic market planning, and business development, sales forecasting, pricing, hiring and training of sales personnel.

"Greg St. Clair brings to Fusion Formulations more than 25 years of progressively responsible experience directing and building companies and creating opportunity in emerging markets," says Grossman. "Greg has led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround and growth modes, demonstrating strong leadership and financial acumen."

St. Clair's senior executive positions in the naturals industry is marked by significant achievements: revenue growth, market diversification, improved employee performance, and increased customer satisfaction. Most recently, he was Vice-President of Sales & Marketing for Arizona Nutritional Supplements Inc., a dietary supplement brand marketer, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Herbally Yours Inc., a liquid, lotion and powder contract manufacturer.

St. Clair holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from California State University at Fullerton. He is also an active member of the American Cancer Society, several industry associations (ABC, AOAC, NSF, NPA, CRN, AHPA, DSEA), and a sought-after expert contributor for industry trade media.

About Fusion Formulations
Fusion Formulations is a GMP-certified contract manufacturer and private-label manufacturer. Fusion Formulations is an experienced leader in customized contract manufacturing of nutraceutical beverages, plus nutraceutical, vitamin, mineral and botanical tablets, capsules and powders.


Taking the "3 Rs" to the Higher Power:
Fusion Formulations Launches New Sustainability Doctrine

PHOENIX, AZ - Fusion Formulations, a contract and private label manufacturer specializing in functional beverages and dietary supplements, has announced the implementation of its Sustainability program. Greatly reducing manufacturing waste in all forms through innovative and viable approaches to use, reuse and disposition is the hallmark of the company's program, which will result in cumulative savings of energy, materials, and money for the greater good of its environment and for its manufacturing partners' bottom lines.

"We are committed to reducing our environmental impacts and increasing our personal and public profile as an environmentally and socially aware company," said Brad Grossman, CEO of Fusion Formulations. "Our plan encompasses three major business areas, the purchase of our products, use of our products/facilities and the control of our output. Through our philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling, we here at Fusion Formulations are committed to taking steps towards our part of a sustainable future."

Inspired by initiatives in other industries, Fusion Formulations is shifting to more environmentally sound practices without compromising our business plan or the quality of our unique products.

During 2009, Fusion Formulations implemented the following measures as part of its Sustainability Doctrine:
- Established a Green Team of employees
- Reuse wood and plastic delivery palettes
- Replacing Styrofoam cups and giving each employee a reusable mug
- Establishing programs to turn off idling electronics
- Track use of paper and copiers to minimize consumption
- Shredded paper is reused as packing material
- The office uses green cleaning supplies
- All forklifts are electric
- Participating in community environmental programs
- Always run at full batch capacity to ensure maximum efficiency from equipment
- The manufacturing facility washes their own textiles and some plastics, cutting transportation costs
- Electronics are recycled and refurbished machines are purchased
- Installed thermostat covers
- Offer incentives to employees to look out for environmental concerns at work
- Green Team conducts regular meetings and disseminates the information to all employees
- Paper recycle bins placed throughout the office

Future goals include:
- Placing plastic screens in the warehouses to keep temperature more constant in doorways
- Expansion of recycling for plastic, glass and metals
- Elimination of plastic bottles
- Purchasing more recycled, chlorine free and sustainable paper for use
- Establish a double-sided printing standard
- Install motion sensors for lighting to save electricity and money
- Expand procurement of environmentally friendly products for the office
- Purchasing more energy efficient appliances
- Venturing towards shredding cardboard waste to use for packing material

Grossman adds, "At Fusion Formulations, we are doing our part to contribute more sustainable methods within the vitamin and supplement industry. We hope that our commitment will show leadership for other businesses in the future."

About Fusion Formulations
Fusion Formulations is a GMP-certified contract manufacturer and private-label manufacturer. Fusion Formulations is an experienced leader in customized contract manufacturing of nutraceutical beverages, plus nutraceutical, vitamin, mineral and botanical tablets, capsules and powders. For more information about Fusion Formulations, go to www.fusion-formulations.com.


Fusion Formulations Appoints Beverage Experts

PHOENIX, AZ - In response to its recent growth surge, Fusion Formulations has appointed two formulators to keep up with the demand the company is receiving for its services. Chris McVicker and Deirdre "Dee" Piggott both have beverage-formulation backgrounds.

Chris McVicker has worked for Custom Food Solutions, Key Essentials Flavors and APV Crepaco all in various capacities including sales, beverage development, sourcing, specifying process and packaging requirements, and designing, engineering and project management. McVicker specializes in preserved, pasteurized and hot-fill systems, HTST, UHT and aspect processes for liquid beverages, powders and food.

Deirdre Piggott, a sought-after beverage development consultant, was formerly affiliated with FONA International as beverage technical solutions manager, where she built, managed and led a beverage technical team and wrote a course called "Beverage Development for Dummies." Prior to this, she served as beverage applications manager for Quest International. Piggott lends her considerable skills in all aspects of liquid beverage development, fruit juice production and legislation, and team building.

"Both Chris and Dee bring a variety of specific skills, experience and instincts to the vast world of beverage creation and production," says Brad Grossman, founder and CEO of Fusion Formulations. "This market will continue to grow with drinks ranging from juices, carbonates, enhanced waters and other options to satiate all tastes and nutraceutical needs. Fusion Formulations has purposefully re-engineered its business model to become one of the foremost beverage production specialists, and both Chris and Dee will help our company achieve this goal and maintain it."


Fusion Formulations Quadruples Liquid Manufacturing Capacity

PHOENIX, AZ - Fusion Formulations has invested in quadrupling its capacity for liquid manufacturing, resulting in much higher output and speed to provide its clients with more advantageous economical pricing.

Fusion Formulations now has two new 1500 gl mix tanks that allow larger batch sizes and reduce changeover time achieving shorter overall finished product lead times. Also, new Phase Fire heat tunnels and an Axon applicator machine allow fully automated shrink-labeling process for decorated full-sleeve labels on any bottle shape. Bottle sizes from 4 oz to 32 oz are now run on Fusion Formulations' fully automated filling/capping/ labeling production line.

Plus, a new FTNIR analytical testing instrument reduces raw material analysis and release time from two weeks to two days achieving shorter overall finished product lead times.

Overall, the new equipment allows for Fusion Formulations' daily output to increase from an average of 6,000 bottles per day to 22,000 bottles per day and 110,000 bottles per week with a total capacity up to 700,000 bottles per week.

"The demand for liquid nutrition continues to grow unabated," Brad Grossman. "We feel there's a simple reason. Humans must drink to survive and if people can consume something delicious, refreshing and that offers them solid nutrition, over empty, sugar-laden drinks, they are much more likely to choose the healthier beverage."

Further, "Fusion Formulations, with its experienced staff, inventive corporate culture and devotion to safety and quality, is primed to help beverage marketers launch new products or line extensions."


New Services, New Facility and New Name Fuse for American Supplement Technologies: Introducing Fusion Formulations™

PHOENIX, AZ - Long known in the dietary supplement industry for its range of superior quality contract manufacturing and dedicated staff leadership, American Supplement Technologies has announced a new identity and name to reflect its continued commitment and evolution in the industry -- Fusion Formulations™ .

Fusion Formulations™ reflects the recently completed multi-million dollar facility remodeling and service expansion that now allows the company to manufacture and package functional beverages in addition to its mainstay of dietary supplements in tablets, capsules and powders. In addition, Fusion Formulations' facility has just received the prestigious GMP Certification.

According to Brad Grossman, President of Fusion Formulations, the company's new, state-of-the-art equipment creates a 400% increase in Fusion Formulations™ manufacturing capacity of ready-to-drink nutritional beverages. "The beverage expansion complements our successful history in the formulation, manufacture and package of tablets and capsules for solid dose nutritional supplements," he says. "The landscape of consumption of natural health products has changed drastically, with millions of Americans of all ages investing in a preventative mindset. We felt it was time for us to re-invest in our core competencies and expand into functional beverages. People en masse understand the benefits of drinking something delicious and refreshing - and that offers a health benefit at the same time."

Further, Fusion Formulations™ has been engineered to deliver superior quality manufacturing and packaging at highly competitive prices. In tandem, the executive team has distinguished itself among other contract manufacturers by understanding the brand marketing challenges in the marketplace and helping its client base to gain marketing success. "The marketing prowess at Fusion Formulations™ has made us a leader in the identification of trends and opportunities for our clients," says Grossman. "Our commitment to each client allows us to extend our focus beyond their products and into their business challenges. Each client relationship is truly special to us; we consider ourselves to be their partner. Fusion Formulations™ and its clients choose each other, therefore bringing success to one another."

For more information email info@fusion-formulations.com or call 480-921-8277 x213